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Who ever had this car before me did a shitty job at taking care of it smh try didn’t care. Going to feel amazing when I turn him around and make him look as mean as the last picture 😍😫🉐❀

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I’m dark as fuck.

Have to go back and get those pants 😩

So my car won’t start which is bad cause the frame NEEDS to get replaced ASAP but I would like it to run first also my fucking windows don’t go up…..too many fuse boxes ):

Damn thought I would have ran into her there. Ah well another time another place…


following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

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Brandon saw a sad movie tonight.

I will put my soul into this car and then give my heart to you. And that will be the most unselfish thing I will ever do. Give love and a second chance to those mistreated.

Scary moment when the ebrake comes out unexpected and you start going down the driveway 😂😂😫😫