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I hope to meet you again soon…

You ever have a dream with someone in it and it’s the most perfect realist and kinda hurtful in a sense of reality kinda dream…..damn.


Recognize (feat. Drake) - PARTYNEXTDOOR

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lil b may be a goof….but the kid has a good heart. 

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Well today was alright I guess. Spent most of it with my sister and bro Jesus can’t complain. Weird you go from waking up on your day as a kid and having breakfast and your other meals made for you to growing up and doing it for yourself. Life changes and you grow up. Everyday that goes by I doubt this car ever being done. It’s getting frustrating mostly cause it’s sad how people put 0 empathy into keeping a car like that at it’s best. Right these wrongs with a soul and heart; watch the human essence create a soul that will live on for years to come.

It is lol thank you anon 😁


Not sure what to do today ah probably go get my id then go to the mall and buy something. A pay day I can actually spend.

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